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Exterior Paint


Exterior Paint

National Defendem is mostly used for old & new exterior surfaces of cement plaster, concrete, brickwork, asbestos sheets, masonry, wood etc. to get maximum protection from extreme tropical conditions like heavy rain fall, high humidity & heat. It can be used, to resist the growth of algae and fungi on exposed surfaces. Since it has excellent anti carbonation & chloride ion-ingress resistance, it is suitable for concrete repairs, commercial & industrial buildings, wing walls, underpasses etc. For the best result, use Acrylic Primer as the primer coat. Do not use any putty filler. Use white cement and sand 1:3 for leveling surface imperfections if any.


Product Description

Water base exterior is a weather shield exterior, highly washable emulsion paint with 100% acrylic binder and high quality pigments & fillers to withstand the extreme tropical conditions of heavy rainfall humidity & heat. It is a long durable, protective and water resistant coating for exterior wall finishes with excellent anti-algae property. It provides very good alkali and UV resistances. It is helps to protect the concrete from carbonation and resists the penetration of water borne salts & atmospheric gases. It contains specific antifungal & anti algae additives.


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