About E-color

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of sales and implementation of industrial and construction paints in Iran and with official certificates from reputable domestic and foreign institutions, E-coloris ready to present its experiences and products for customer satisfaction. Delivery in the shortest time according to the customer’s request, including the shed type (according to the RAL standard) is one of the outstanding features of E-color Company, which helps the contractors to accelerate the progress of the project.


This company with high capability in collecting suitable technical information for various specialized paints according to the needs of customers and announces its readiness in the field of consulting and training before and after the sale. It has combined heat and power cycle power plants, oil and gas refineries, petrochemicals, water and wastewater, oil companies, consulting engineering companies, shipping ports, hydromechanical equipment, cement factories, machine-building factories and other industrial units.


Our main goal is to provide the product in accordance with the requirements and technical standards and customer needs.
In line with the above goal, Rang Ekalar Company continues its activities based on the following axes:

Increase customer satisfaction.
Sales development and improvement of technical and executive equipment
Creating a strong database to provide any free consulting services for industrial and construction projects

Our customers

Iran Atomic Energy Organization, Rytl Telecommunication Company, Mapna Company, Petroleum Engineering Company, Sadra Company, Margarine Company, Iran Tobacco Company, Saipa Press Company, Iran Copper Company, Ati Saz Company, Kayson Company, Iran Gas Company, Skaf Construction Company, Molds Iran Industrial, Aviation Organization, Tehran Cement

Our Capability

Execution of various industrial, construction and specialized paints in Iran and the Middle East

A number of scalar projects in Iran:

A number of Ecclesiastical projects abroad:

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